Inspirational lifestyle planning meets expert financial management

The traditional ‘expat financial advice’ model is outdated. It’s focussed on selling complex financial products that serve the needs of those selling, rather than those investing in them. We’ve met too many expats that have been misguided into a whiteout of inflexible financial products with a worse return than simply leaving their money in a bank account.

Why Ascenta?

Independence comes with finding a true work-life balance. It comes when your money works for you, instead of the other way around.

We don’t sell financial products. We propose financial options with a fresh approach called Lifestyle Financial Planning.

Your life becomes our map. We immerse ourselves in it and find the best routes to the summit of financial freedom. Whichever route you choose, we’ll be right beside you through life’s ups and downs.

Experience shows, we’re at our best when we practice what we preach. You won’t find us pulling 80-hour weeks surviving on coffee. Our approach is a fresh way of doing business — one that respects and benefits everyone.

Our team is operated purely by advisers who are qualified to the highest professional standards in Singapore and the UK. We're committed to ensuring your money is invested with as much care and diligence as ours and our friends’ and families’.

Meet the team behind Ascenta

Lifestyle Financial Planning changes the game.

We scrapped the traditional model for a new one: Lifestyle Financial Planning. We focus on your lifestyle, dreams, and desires instead of what financial products are new and 'flavour of the month'.

Our relationship is with you, not your money