Planning for the future doesn't have to be a solo trek

Building a savings base, managing sustainable investments, insuring against the unforeseen and planning for retirement can feel like climbing a mountain. Ascenta Wealth's expert advice means you never have to make the climb alone.

the Ascenta team

Think of us like loyal sherpas, guiding you safely up the mountain of financial planning

Meet the founders — Dan, Rory and Paul. Three financial services lifers guiding you to the peak of financial security. Ascenta Wealth was founded to provide personalised financial advice that works for you, not the big financial institutions.

Meet the team behind Ascenta
climbing the mountain

We've helped thousands of clients make the climb to financial freedom with long-term, fee-based financial planning.

the climbers journey

But we’ve seen a few too many on the wrong route.

We wanted to do better for every one of our clients. That's why we founded Ascenta Wealth.