Meet Mike

Dan is like an extended family to me, I go to him before making any financial decisions

My name is Mike Battersby. I’ve been a client of Dan’s since 2012/13 and a client of Ascenta Wealth since then.

I came out to Singapore in 2005. I’ve been here for about 17 years now. I work for a software company and cover all ASEAN countries in North Asia.

One of the things I was looking for in a financial adviser when I got here was somebody who could help me with my financial planning. I don’t know about financial planning. So, I was looking for somebody that was my go-to person, but above all, somebody who I could trust and who had integrity.

All I could find at the time were people who just wanted to invest my money. It took me a long time to actually select the person that I wanted to deal with. Just by chance, I had a call from Dan. We connected, and we went from there.

When Dan arrived, he fit the bill. He was honest with me; his integrity was there. Over the years, that’s been proven. Again, he’s told me the good news and the bad news. When things haven’t gone so well, he hasn’t flowered it up. He’s told me what it is.

He’s helped me with pensions and the restrictions on all my pensions. One of the key areas he’s looked at for me is tax planning. We’ve actually gone to an external person. He’s advised who I should use to give me tax planning advice, and he’s also given me investment advice across a whole portfolio of products.

Dan is a little bit like an extended part of the family. Before I do anything financially, I asked Dan. Just like we ask our wives, and that’s the kind of trust I have.

The best thing about working with Dan and Ascenta Wealth is the breadth of products that they have and what they can offer me, and that’s going to be even more important as I enter my retirement years, which is coming shortly.

To describe Dan as somebody that advises me, I would say honesty comes at the top, along with integrity, and he’s very personable.

One of the key pieces of advice that Dan has given me over the years, and it’s been the best, is not to over invest in equities. I’m talking about what I invest in, my little pet projects and stocks. That’s been a saving grace for me, especially in the current climate.

I would recommend Ascenta Wealth, and Dan and I already have to many of my colleagues. For the very reasons I’ve told you before: personality, breadth of knowledge, honesty and integrity.

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